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February 10, 2022

Streaming TV and videos for kids is great fun and entertaining, and it is also an awesome educational tool. Using screen time as an opportunity to expand your 1st grader’s education is easier than ever. Whatever your child is interested in, you are sure to find a show on Sensical that can help them learn more about that topic. While videos and shows can supplement the curriculum of a public, homeschool, or private education, they can also expose kids to additional subjects and topics they may not be learning about in school.

If you’re searching for the best educational shows and videos for 1st grade, Sensical has it all! Whether you’re looking for math, science, reading, or another subject, Sensical offers many options that both parents and kids love. Here’s a quick sampling of excellent educational videos for 1st graders on Sensical.

Math Videos

Whether your 1st grader needs a little extra help or loves math and can’t get enough of it, these educational math videos on Sensical will help them build confidence in their abilities and make math more visually appealing and engaging.

Five Times Tables Song - Tiny Tunes

Tiny Tunes Show Image

Tiny Tunes are short, two-minute videos that help little kids understand math concepts by breaking them down into short and catchy songs. The “Five Times Tables Song” video features colorful and memorable visual pictures alongside a catchy guitar tune that will help your 1st grader memorize their five times tables.

Fruity Fractions - Ubongo Kids

Ubongo Kids English Show Image

Ubongo Kids is a series that follows five friends who love science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Each episode celebrates diversity and African culture and encourages a love of learning. In the “Fruity Fractions” episode, Ngedere the monkey wants to set up a fruit stand to make money to buy pilau, his favorite food. His friends offer to help but quickly find out they need to know a lot about fractions to sell the fruit.

3 Amazing Pi Day Hacks - Hack Along

Hack Along Show Image

Hack Along is a web series hosted by Goldie, who demonstrates fun DIY projects and walks kids through the process of making them. For Pi Day (March 14), watch Goldie as she walks kids through three awesome pi-inspired creative projects, including making pi friendship necklaces, wearable pi pins, and delicious pizza pi (pi-shaped pizza).

Science Videos

Science is an important subject for 1st graders! It helps them develop and practice many important skills, like critical thinking, communication, reasoning, and problem-solving. For some of the top educational science videos for 1st graders, check out these favorites on Sensical.

Technology - Kids’ Planet

Kids' Planet Show Image

Kids’ Planet is a fun series that reinforces important lessons and values like manners, humility, and forgiveness. The show features real kids modeling real-life situations for relatable content that 1st graders will enjoy. In the “Technology” episode, the kids learn about technology and its usefulness, including certain inventions and how they’ve evolved in the modern world. Most importantly, this episode teaches about the importance of using technology responsibly.

Lenses - Look Kool

Look Kool Show Image

Featuring an energetic host named Hamza and his mischievous robot cat, Look Kool is a show that encourages little kids to solve mathematical mysteries using songs, skits, challenges, and humor. In the episode “Lenses,” Hamza looks at and through different lenses to find the perfect pair of glasses that will let him see Mars and microscopic objects.

20+ Science Fair Projects That Will Wow the Crowd - Babble Dabble Do

The show Babble Dabble Do encourages parents and kids to get creative together with fascinating art, science, and engineering projects. Whether your child already has dozens of ideas for the science fair or needs some inspiration, this episode introduces more than 20 amazing age-appropriate project ideas, from a simple circuit to a lemon volcano, rainbow rubber eggs, and more.

History Videos

First graders get a lot from studying history! They learn to understand the concepts of past, present, and future and explore important historic events, people, places, and their meanings. If your 1st grader loves social studies and history, here are some of the top age-appropriate history videos to check out on Sensical.

Ancient Egypt - Kids’ Black History

Kids Black History Show Image

The engaging video series Kids’ Black History is a live-action, entertaining, and historical show for kids that teaches black and African history. In the “Ancient Egypt” video, your 1st grader will jump back in time to learn all about the ancient Egyptian civilization and people. The video covers pharaohs, the Nile River, hieroglyphics, the afterlife, and more. 

Cowboy History for Kids - A Kid Explains History

A Kid Explains History Show Image

A Kid Explains History is a series featuring short videos about people, places, and events from the past. In the video “Cowboy History for Kids,” host Quinn uses accurate facts and real photos to paint an image of what real American cowboys were like. Your 1st grader will love learning interesting facts about where cowboys came from, what their jobs entailed, and the origins of the term “Wild West.”

Leonardo Da Vinci - Art With Mati & Dada

Art with Mati & Dada Show Image

Art With Mati & Dada is an animated series featuring seven-year-old Mati, who has a passion for art. Her magical sidekick, Dada, transports her into the lives of master artists, where she learns about art from the great artists themselves. In the episode “Leonardo Da Vinci,” Mati and Dada end up in Leonardo Da Vinci’s art studio, where they discover his fantastic machines and learn about the importance of asking questions.

Animal and Nature Videos

Does your 1st grader love animals and nature? Sensical has countless amazing animal videos and shows for little kids that educate, entertain, and encourage exploration. Give one of these shows a try. Let your child indulge in the amazing world of nature as they learn about various animals and wildlife species.

Aardvark and Chameleon - Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake

Jim Henson's Animal Show With Stinky & Jake Show Image

Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake is a talk show for kids featuring hosts Stinky the skunk and Jake the polar bear. The duo interviews two different species of animals per show. First graders who love learning about animals will enjoy the episode “Aardvark and Chameleon,” highlighting these two amazing creatures and interesting facts about them.p>

Pollinator Power - Cal Academy

Cal Academy Show Image

Cal Academy is an incredible collection of videos from the California Academy of Sciences covering topics like rainforests, outer space, oceans, and more. The video “Pollinator Power” will give your 1st grader a fascinating look into the lives of essential pollinators like bees, butterflies, and bats, as they discover how important these animals are to humans and our outdoor habitats. 

A Visit to the Zoo - Alex & the Kaleidoscope

Alex & The Kaleidoscope Show Image

Alex & the Kaleidoscope is a series of short videos that feature interactive songs, interesting facts, and amazing adventures to exciting places around the world. Hosted by Emmy award-winning children’s entertainer Alex Mitnick, the video “A Visit to the Zoo” will take little kids along on an adventure to the zoo, where they’ll come face to face with incredible animals like bison, pythons, red pandas, Komodo dragons, and more.

Sensical Makes Learning Fun at Home and in the Classroom

All of these videos on Sensical help you bring those important lessons from the classroom to your home, with exciting and entertaining educational videos for 1st graders that encourage little kids to develop a love of learning. Sign up for Sensical today and start watching for free!

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March 2, 2022

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