Our Favorite Dinosaur Shows and Videos for Kids of All Ages

October 10, 2021

It seems as though every kid goes through a major dinosaur phase when everything just has to be dino-themed. We’re talking dinosaur snacks, dinosaur jammies, dinosaur toys…you know the drill. If your child can’t get enough of dinosaurs, there are plenty of dinosaur shows online for kids of all ages. The trouble is, how do you know which ones are appropriate for young eyes and ears? And how do you make sure there’s a good balance of educational value, entertainment, strong role models, and positive messages?

Finding an age-appropriate dinosaur show for your preschooler, kindergartener, or big kid isn’t as easy as it sounds, and most parents don’t have the time to preview every single show before they let their child watch. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options or you’re unsure of what’s right for your child, we’ve created a carefully curated list of online dinosaur shows for all ages. Each show on our list has been hand-selected by Sensical experts and is guaranteed to be fun, entertaining, and safe for your kid.

Top Picks for Toddlers & Preschoolers (Ages 2-4)

There are plenty of dinosaur shows for toddlers and preschoolers, but only a few provide high-quality entertainment. Watching high-quality shows will help your child get the most out of their dinosaur screen time. Following are two excellent options you can feel good about — and your preschooler will love.

Cody the Dinosaur

Cody the Dinosaur Show Image

Cody the Dinosaur is a series of animated shorts for preschoolers. These adorable interactive videos encourage children to help Cody with colors, shapes, and math as they care for a pet dinosaur. With simple illustrations that encourage creativity and movement, each short is the perfect dose of kid-friendly dino fun.

Chomp Squad

Chomp Squad Show Image

In this show, dinosaurs never went extinct, so they’re still around to jump into action when emergency strikes. Chomp Squad features a heroic crew of dinosaurs and humans who team up to protect, serve, and save their town. Full of positive messages, each five-minute Chomp Squad episode highlights important themes like friendship and problem-solving.

Top Picks for Kindergarteners and 1st and 2nd Graders (Ages 5-7)

The best dinosaur shows for young elementary age kids engage their imagination and help them develop the values you’ve worked hard to instill, such as honesty, respect, and kindness. They also teach real content about the world, such as history, science, or art. Many dinosaur shows for kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders also can help develop emotional and social intelligence, while still being fun and entertaining. We’ve selected two great options for any dinosaur-loving little kid.

The Dinosaur Rap - Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books Show Image

The Dinosaur Rap by Barefoot Books is a fun sing-along that gets young kids moving and grooving as they sing and dance to this clever rap song. Kids who love rhythm and rhyme will enjoy seeing several different types of dinosaurs dance, learn about their own physical features and attributes, and follow along in the book, if they have it.

Dogs vs. Dinos – Funny Dog Maymo

Maymo Show Image

Your little kid will love watching cute dogs Maymo and Penny play with dinos as they go for walks, play with blocks, and read books before nap time. The live-action adventure with dinos and dogs is exciting to watch and also serves as conversation starters for you and your child. Not only are the dinosaurs fun and captivating, but watching the dogs interact with them is also charming and delightful!

Top Picks for Big Kids (Ages 8-10)

Dinosaur shows and videos for kids ages eight to 10 can be excellent sources of education and entertainment. The right ones can take your child on adventures around the world, through space and time, or challenge them to tackle complex problems with their favorite dino characters. Big kids are sure to enjoy these awesome dino-themed series and videos recommended and vetted by Sensical.

Dino Damage - Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Show Image

Hot Wheels and dinosaurs…what could be better, right? This video features exciting drama and action when a scientist releases his latest dinosaur experiment on Hot Wheels City. As the dino tears through town, your big kid will love watching the Hot Wheels spring into action to protect their city from this ferocious foe. With an age-appropriate level of action and excitement, you can feel confident that the Dino Damage Hot Wheels City adventure will provide entertainment for your kid while also demonstrating important values like teamwork.

Dino Dig - Alex & The Kaleidoscope

Alex & The Kaleidoscope Show Image

Alex & The Kaleidoscope, starring Emmy Award-winning Alex Mitnick, is an interactive show that takes kids on fun and exciting adventures all around the world. Dino Dig is a catchy rock song music video that draws kids into the wonder and exploration of digging for dino fossils. This music video (along with all of the Alex & The Kaleidoscope hits) mixes animated and live-action content to reinforce educational concepts and provide engaging rhythms and melodies that older kids will love.

Check Out Free Kid-Friendly Dino Videos Streaming on Sensical

With so many dinosaur shows and videos out there for kids, it can be difficult to select high-quality ones that you can feel comfortable and confident sharing with your children. If you’re feeling lost, these kid-safe and age-appropriate dinosaur-themed suggestions are a great place to start and it’s never been easier to start watching now (for free!) than with Sensical.

All of the dinosaur videos and shows on Sensical are hand-selected and approved by child development experts, and complement age-appropriate curriculum. And of course, Sensical has something fun and engaging for kids of all ages! Elevate your children’s screen time and sign up for free on Sensical! Once registered, visit the Parent Zone to create individual child profiles, set cross-device time limits for screen time, access personalized learning reports, and more.

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March 10, 2022

Our favorite dino shows and videos for kids! Every video on Sensical is approved by experts to be kid-safe and age-appropriate. Start watching now!

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