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November 11, 2021

Baking is a kid favorite activity that is extremely beneficial for learning and development. Baking or cooking with your kids is not just fun for everyone, it also teaches valuable life skills!

Everyday activities like baking and cooking can help your child learn and develop new skills, such as reading, math, language development, motor skills, while they build confidence, self-esteem, patience, and much, much more. If your child loves cooking and baking with you in the kitchen, they might also enjoy some of these awesome videos and shows offered through our free streaming app, Sensical. Check them out today!

Cooking and Baking Shows for Little Kids (5-7)

If your young kid is interested in helping you in the kitchen (or not), these shows are sure to encourage a healthy curiosity about cooking and all that it entails.

Cooking With Kyler

Cooking with Kyler Show Image

Cooking With Kyler videos feature a father and daughter duo as they make simple, healthy, and delicious recipes together and prompt parents to talk with their young kids about nutrition, good food, and overall wellness.

Little kids will love watching this father-daughter team whip up new creations in the kitchen, and who knows? The videos may even spark curiosity and an interest in cooking things with you too!

Curiosity Kitchen

Curiosity Kitchen Show Image

Curiosity Kitchen is a show that’s all about uncovering the exciting math and science that goes into making popular and delicious dishes in the kitchen. Created to empower and encourage young girls to create and experiment at home, this series is fun, exciting, and gives kids and their parents plenty of opportunities to carry the lessons from the screen back to their own kitchens.

Curiosity Kitchen is an excellent way to introduce your child to cooking and inspire them to be creative and experiment with different recipes.

Cooking and Baking Shows for Big Kids (8-10)

Have an older kid who has expressed interest in experimenting in the kitchen? These shows will inspire, encourage, and help your child reach his or her full potential!

Cook With Amber

Cook With Amber Show Image

Hosted by Amber Kelley, this fun pick for tweens features videos that show how easy, fun, and delicious creating homemade food can be. In her videos, Amber walks kids through the step-by-step process of making yummy and easy recipes, so they can try them out with their parents at home.

Cook With Amber videos are a great resource for kids to learn about nutrition, food safety, and build math, science, literacy, and fine motor skills. They’re also really entertaining, and it’s tons of fun for kids to cook alongside Amber and enjoy the finished product with friends or family.

Cooking With Tristan and Tyler

Cooking With Tristin & Tyler Show Image

Cooking With Tristin & Tyler is a video series featuring two brothers who show kids how to cook healthy and fun recipes together (with tons of hilarity and laughter, of course). In each cooking video, the boys walk viewers through simple steps to cook a healthy and tasty dish and often feature a guest host who helps them through the process.

Kids will enjoy watching Tristin and Tyler have fun cooking with guests and will be encouraged to do the same with parents at home. Not only will they learn how to cook a variety of yummy and healthy foods with the boys’ help, they’ll also learn how to follow a recipe and experiment with new foods, not to mention building self-confidence and important life skills.

Kids Cooking With Zoe

Kids Cooking with Zoe Show Image

What’s more inspiring than watching another 10-year-old cook delicious and amazing meals and snacks for her family? Kids Cooking With Zoe features Zoe, a young chef, who teaches kids like herself to make incredible recipes that are fun, easy, and incredibly tasty.

Not only does Zoe show older kids how easy it is to cook, she also inspires them to get creative with food and try new things. With kid-friendly and alluring recipes like “Homemade Wendy’s Frosty,” “Uncle Matt’s Popcorn,” and “Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos,” your kids will be begging you to get in the kitchen.

Favorite Kitchen Time Videos

If your kid likes to cook, these favorite kitchen and cooking-themed videos are sure to keep them entertained, inspire them to be creative, and empower them to keep learning and growing.

Chef Dog Makes Nachos- Maymo

Cute Dog Maymo Show Image

Kids who love Maymo will absolutely love this video of the famous dog-turned-chef and his pals making a delicious (and inventive) pan of loaded nachos. 

This video is a carefree and enjoyable way to introduce kids to making nachos at home. As they watch the dogs layer on a variety of toppings, they’ll get excited to be creative with their nachos creations, and perhaps, come up with something just as original and delicious as Maymo and friends did. Pile on the chips, cheese, and laughs.

DIY Jelly Beans – Hack Along

Hack Along Show Image

This how-to video invites kids to learn how to make their own jelly beans and have great fun in the process! 

DIY Jelly Beans by Hack Along is perfect for kids who enjoy sweets and cooking and want to combine the two into an at-home activity that yields the most delicious results. It encourages kids to sharpen their math skills while focusing and following the recipe closely to achieve the desired results

DIY Summer Popsicles - Hack Along

Hack Along Show Image

Another Hack Along favorite, the DIY Summer Popsicles video, features exciting and inventive ways to make popsicles. Perfect for hot summer days, this video will encourage your kid to get creative as they make fun popsicles that will help them cool off from the summer heat.

The Hack Along DIY Summer Popsicles video is an excellent way to demonstrate how you can take a simple item (a popsicle) and create something entirely unique, special, and fun with just a few simple ingredients.

Let’s Make a Cake - Adventure Family Journal

Adventure Family Journal Show Image

Hosted by six-year-old Devyn from Adventure Family Journal, this educational video for kids teaches the ins and outs of decorating a cake. She demonstrates how to layer and frost a cake with delicious buttercream to yield a delicious and beautiful professional-looking creation!

Let’s Decorate a Cake from Adventure Family Journey gives kids the opportunity to see the step-by-step process of decorating a cake so they can do the same at home.

Pizza for Dogs - Topi the Corgi

Adventures of Topi the Corgi Show Image

In Pizza for Dogs, kids will love watching master chef Topi the Corgi create dog-friendly pizza with ingredients that can be found in their own kitchens. This simple, live-action video is both funny and entertaining, and displays the step-by-step pizza-making process.

As if anything could be better than watching an adorable Corgi make a pizza, your kids will be excited about dog-friendly pizza and may even want to make their own after watching, even if they don’t have a dog!

Check Out More Kid-Friendly Food Videos Streaming on Sensical

Cooking together is a fantastic way to engage with your kids and develop a deeper bond with them. These safe and educational videos and shows are free to stream on Sensical and can help your children develop a curiosity and a love for cooking.

All of the videos and shows on Sensical are expert-approved, so you can feel secure knowing that your child’s watching safe and age-appropriate cooking content. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free Sensical account today to check out more kid-friendly food videos online!

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