Fun Science Videos and Shows for Homeschoolers

February 20, 2022

Kids are natural scientists, and using engaging and visually appealing science videos to supplement a homeschool curriculum can help children develop a love of learning and inspire them to be curious about the world around them. Of course, these videos are lots of fun, but they also motivate kids to ask questions, organize and test their ideas, and solve problems. 


Sensical features hundreds of fun science videos and shows that are perfect for homeschooled students up to age 10. Whether your child loves learning about nature, outer space, or computer programming, all the science shows and videos on Sensical have been hand-selected by child development experts. They will help your child grow by introducing fundamental scientific theories and vocabulary and exposing them to STEM careers and opportunities. To help you supplement your lessons at home and appeal to your child’s interests, we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting science videos and shows on Sensical for homeschoolers.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Graders

For little kids in kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grade, the world is full of exciting things and places to explore! With these Sensical shows and videos, you can expose your little ones to new science concepts, start exploring their natural interests further, and develop a strong STEM educational foundation.

Jurassic Dinosaurs - The Kids’ Picture Show

The Kids' Picture Show Show Image

The Kids’ Picture Show is an educational content series for little kids offering plenty of fun educational content, including this video on Jurassic dinosaurs. Little kids who love dinosaurs will enjoy learning the names of the giants that lived during the Jurassic Period. The video intentionally hints at what the dinosaur looked like before revealing the entire creature, giving kids a chance to guess the name before it pops up on the screen.

Shapes in the Sky - Cal Academy

Cal Academy Show Image

With Cal Academy videos, little kids can get up close and personal with the natural world around them, including the stars in the sky! The Cal Academy video “Shapes in the Sky” is an excellent introduction to astronomy and constellations, featuring real images of the night sky and an easy-to-follow identification and explanation of the different shapes and figures created by the constellations. After watching, kids might even be inspired to take a look at the night sky at home to see what shapes they can identify on their own.

Benjamin Franklin Hip Hop History - Funtastic TV

Funtastic TV Show Image

Funtastic TV is an entertaining show that features catchy songs about colors, numbers, shapes, and even history. In the “Benjamin Franklin Hip Hop History” video, little kids can dance and sing along while they learn all about how Ben Franklin discovered electricity. The video also emphasizes the importance of perseverance and determination, encouraging kids to explore and discover new things just like Ben Franklin did.

Let’s Visit the Moon - Sesame Studios

Sesame Studios Show Image

Sesame Studios comes from the makers of Sesame Street and features fun, original stories and songs and a lively cast of characters. In the video “Let’s Visit the Moon,” an engaging mixture of live-action and animated video answers common questions little kids ask about the moon, like: “How do you get there and how long does it take?” “What’s it like on the moon?” “Why can we float on the moon but not on Earth?”

3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

Sensical has plenty of engaging and fun science videos for homeschoolers with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Whether your 8- to 10-year-old has questions about astronomy or enjoys engineering chain reaction machines, we have endless videos that cater to kids’ diverse interests. Here are a few of our favorites for this age group.

A Journey of Science - Alex & The Kaleidoscope

Alex & The Kaleidoscope Show Image

Alex & The Kaleidoscope videos take kids to interesting places all around the world! Older kids ages 8 to 10 will enjoy checking out the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey with Alex. As they join in on the fun, they’ll learn fascinating facts and information about the mechanics behind a ball launcher and how it works with air pressure, how evaporation works, and more. They’ll even get to take part in a science experiment with Alex and take a break from the museum to enjoy some live music from Alex and his band.

Rachel Somerville on Galaxies - Cal Academy

Cal Academy Show Image

In this Cal Academy video, big kids have the chance to join Dr. Rachel Somerville from the California Academy of Sciences as she answers common and intriguing questions about our galaxy. She provides kid-friendly and easy-to-understand answers that will inspire children to investigate more on their own and keep asking questions to learn everything they can about what goes on in the skies above us.

Cookie Dunking Machine - Sprice Machines

Sprice Machines Show Image

Every kid knows the disappointment of dunking a cookie in milk only to have it get soggy and break apart. In this Sprice Machines video, your big kid will learn to create a complex chain reaction machine that lightly dips cookies in milk for the perfect milk-dunking experience every time. They can easily follow along at home to create their very own machine and enjoy some homemade cookies as they test it out!

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March 2, 2022

Sensical has a great selection of educational science videos that are perfect for homeschooled students. Today, we highlight our favorite videos about science for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.

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