Fun and Educational Videos for Kids on Earth Day – Ages 2-4

March 9, 2022

Earth Day is an amazing opportunity to teach preschoolers about the importance of our planet’s natural resources and the impact of global climate change. With Earth Day right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining and educational videos for little ones. Each is designed to help kids understand the importance of taking care of our home planet and learn how they can play a part in this big job.

Earth Is Our Home – Mother Goose Club

This video from Mother Goose Club features a catchy song that teaches an important lesson: Wherever you are in the world, you’ll always be home. That means it’s up to us to take care of all the beautiful things in the world. With its simple and colorful animations, preschoolers will enjoy this catchy tune that draws attention to all the wonderful things about Earth that we tend to take for granted. From the bugs and the plants to the ocean and the stars, Jack, Mary, and Eep help us remember why we love our Earth.

Earth Day Exercise! – GO with YOYO

In this fun video, fitness expert YOYO gets preschoolers up and moving while they learn about the importance of Earth Day. As she talks about important topics such as clean energy, recycling, and taking care of our animal friends, YOYO leads little ones through fun exercises like mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, arm circles, and more to teach them all about how they can be a part of celebrating Earth Day this year — and every year!

Earth Yay – Vooks

This fun animated storybook features a friendly Earth character who makes his way around the solar system spending time with all the other planets. As preschool-aged kids join in on planet Earth’s fun adventures with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and more, they’ll learn fascinating facts about the planets in our solar system, such as why Mars is red, which planet is the biggest, and what Saturn’s beautiful rings are made of.

Marvie’s Seasons Song – Marvie

This video starring Marvie from Sesame Studios features a catchy song about all four seasons we experience here on planet Earth. Little ones will love to sing and dance along as they learn about the differences between the seasons and watch Marvie share all her favorite things about spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Baby Animals Song – Lingokids

The Baby Animals Song video from Lingokids has colorful and bright animations that teach kids about the different animals of the world and the variety of habitats they live in. As kids enjoy this fun video and the cute baby animals in it, they’ll start to develop an awareness of the various types of landscapes in the world and understand that all animals need specific conditions in order to live and thrive.

Giant Panda – Leo the Wildlife Ranger

In this episode of Leo the Wildlife Ranger, Leo is out in the garden trying to paint his dog, Hero, when a giant panda suddenly appears. Join the team of Junior Rangers as they assist the panda by researching more about their new friend and helping him find his way back home. As preschoolers tag along for the adventure, they’ll learn all about giant pandas, where they live, what they eat, and their ongoing risk of extinction.

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Updated on:
March 10, 2022

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, 2022, and we’re excited to share our favorite videos to help kids celebrate Earth Day!

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