It's Time To Get Sensical About Age-appropriate Streaming For Kids

Common Sense Networks Rolls Out Public Preview Today of New Passion-First Children's Service; Sensical Expands To All Major Distribution Platforms Throughout the Summer

Free To Watch, Free To Explore and Algorithm-Free, Sensical Offers Three Distinct, Immersive Experiences For Preschoolers (Ages 2-4), Little Kids (Ages 5-7) and Big Kids (8-10) Programmed With 50+ Topic-Based Channels All Rated Through Common Sense Networks' Rigorous, Proprietary Rubric

New, Noteworthy Content Alliances With Studio/Distribution Partners Include CAKE, Cyber Group Studios, The Jim Henson Company, Mattel, WildBrain, Xilam Animation, ZDF Enterprises,

Zodiak Kids and More; New Digital-First Creators Include Aaron's Animals, ABCMouse, GoldieBlox, The Gotham Group, Pinkfong, Penguin Random House's Brightly Storytime, Tankee and More

ParentZone Learning Report Provides Deep, Valuable insights Into What Kids Are Learning While Watching With A Focus On Educational, Social, and Emotional Benefits

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Los Angeles, June 29, 2021 -- Common Sense Networks, a for-profit affiliate of Common Sense Media and a Public Benefit Corporation whose mission is to set a new standard in children's digital media, today announced a public preview of Sensical, a new, free streaming service offering thousands of age-appropriate, entertaining and educational videos for kids 2-10. Inspired by the expertise of Common Sense Media, trusted by parents worldwide, the ad-supported service filters for quality through a rigorous, proprietary rubric and patent pending curation process based on the most comprehensive child development research available.

The algorithm-free destination where kids can scroll, tap and follow their passions across 15,000+ hand-selected videos and 50+ topic-based channels, will be available beginning today via web and mobile on iOS , Android , theRoku® platform , Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Introduced earlier this spring to Common Sense parents as part of an extensive closed beta, Sensical will expand to all major distribution platforms including VIZIO by summer's end.

Free to explore, free to learn and free to watch, Sensical uses an interest-based learning approach serving three distinct audiences: preschoolers (ages 2-4), little kids (ages 5-7) and big kids (8-10). Featuring characters and creators kids love, both popular titles as well as hidden gems yet to be discovered, ALL content is rated and organized by topics/passions, and through the "Why It's Sensical" label, industry experts provide context for each selection in the library. Within the app, the live channel feature can be accessed by selecting the TV icon for Sensical's three age-specific live channels each with safe and healthy content thoughtfully programmed in dayparts.

Every single frame of video is viewed, vetted and rated by dozens of individuals trained in child development. Through its proprietary IP and patentpending process, tagging its entire library with specific child developmental benefits, Sensical has amassed the industry's most comprehensive set of healthy content metadata.

The familiar but fresh interface, designed to generate meaningful engagement and fuel curiosity, ensures a true sense of choice for kids. Within the app's ParentZone, a dashboard tool for managing viewing activity, caregivers can access the Learning Report to learn about the long-term benefits associated with the content their children are watching . This automated tool provides specific insights about a child's interests based on their viewing history so parents and caregivers can engage in meaningful conversations and activities with their children to extend their learnings and amplify their passions.

To deliver on a promise of offering the service for free, Sensical has aligned with a select group of like-minded preview sponsors who share Common Sense Networks' mission to make screen time safe and valuable. The free, branded app is COPPA-compliant, certified by the kidSAFE ® Seal Program and follows the industry's highest levels of privacy standards.

Eric Berger, CEO of Sensical's parent company Common Sense Networks, noted: _"Sensical was founded on the belief that kids deserve better. We built a service from the ground up, rooted in science, supported by experts in the field and designed to reflect how kids stream today. Our lens is unique because, unlike many existing services, our offering is specifically for kids - mirroring our thesis that age-appropriateness matters and that kids learn best when they're exploring their passions."_

He added: "A key differentiator for Sensical is that no other platform or service is inspired by the work of Common Sense Media, an organization that's been at the forefront of what's best for families for nearly two decades. Given how much digital content kids are now consuming, we need to be intentional about being champions for what's possible in this ecosystem by creating safe and healthy media options for our children. Sensical is an important next step in that direction."

Sensical & ParentZone Features Include:

  • The Collection: The content collection of over 15,000 licensed videos (tagged with over 10 different learning areas that, for example, inspire creativity, encourage friendship or pique interest in STEM curriculum) is the best curated mix of digital first and studio brands and features media's most popular, recognizable titles as well as "hidden gems" yet to be discovered.
  • The Proprietary Rubric: All titles are approved and filtered for quality through a rigorous, proprietary rubric and patent pending review process based on the most comprehensive child development research available.
  • Three Distinct Age-Specific Experiences: As part of Common Sense Networks' effort to innovate in the category, Sensical carefully curates three distinct, age-specific experiences for preschool (2-4), little kids (5-7) and big kids (8-10).
  • Topic-Based Channels: Content can be explored within the 50+ topic-based channels, an on-demand experience.
  • Live TV: By selecting the TV icon within the Sensical app, users can quickly bring up the age-appropriate Live channel thoughtfully programmed in dayparts.
  • Set and Watch Favorite** s:** Children can tap the "star" icon next to any video, series or topic-based channel and it will be captured in their personal Favorites area within the app; they can create their own playlists with this content and access them across all screens.
  • Closed Captioning: By electing to provide closed captioning on all content (not just content that has been on broadcast TV), and having content automatically play with captions as the default, Sensical reinforces its commitment to improving reading skills by helping a child move from decoding to comprehension.
  • Free from Inappropriate Ads: Sensical is not only free to download (for kids to watch videos anytime on any device), it's also free from inappropriate ads because our experts carefully review ads from every sponsor. Sensical is COPPA-compliant and is certified by the kidSAFE ® Seal Program.
  • ParentZone, a dashboard tool allowing parents to review and manage all of their kid's viewing activity, provides the following:
  • Learning Reports: Parents have access to an automated tool which calculates daily viewing time rankedby 10+ learning benefits and the topics kids are watching. The tool compares how that time has shifted and what shows are being watched over the past seven or 30 days.
  • Time Limits: Allows parents/caregivers to set viewing time for each child across all screens vs just one device. Parents also have the option of extending viewing time using their PIN code (vs removing the limit entirely) which is one of Sensical's unique benefits.
  • Why It's Sensical: Parents can also click on the "i" icon embedded on every page to access the "Why It's Sensical" feature to better understand the inherent benefits of a specific title (e.g. reading, math, science, movement, making, friendship, positive messages, problem solving).

Common Sense Networks also announced dozens of new, noteworthy content alliances with studio/distribution partners including CAKE (Poppy Cat), Cyber Group Studios (Leo The Wildlife Ranger), The Jim Henson Company (The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson's Animal Show with Stinky and Jake), Mattel (Kipper, Pingu, Max Steel), Raydar Media (Five Apples' limited series, Apple Tree House), Superights (Bo Bear, Handico), WildBrain (Teletubbies, Rev & Roll), Xilam Animation (Learn and Play with Paprika, Moka's Fabulous Adventures), ZDF Enterprises (Lexi & Lottie, School of Roars), and Zodiak Kids (Mister Maker, Tee and Mo); and digital first creators including ABCMouse, Aaron's Animals, Alphabet Rockers, batteryPOP, California Academy of Sciences, GoldieBlox, The Gotham Group's Gotham Reads, Guggenheim Museum, Howdytoons, Kids' Black History, MEL Science + Chemistry, N*Gen, Pinkfong, Penguin Random House's Brightly Storytime, Studio71 (Parry Gripp, Maymo, Hyper Roblox), Tankee, Ubongo Kids, Vooks and more.

These new programming deals further expand Sensical's growing library featuring previously announced content from leading digital-first creators such as Bounce Patrol, Hevesh5, Mother Goose Club, StacyPlays, Super Simple Songs and The Whistle; and studio/distribution partners include ABC Commercial, CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution, Jetpack Distribution, Nelvana, 9 Story Distribution International, Sesame Workshop, Serious Lunch, and Studio 100, previously announced at the end of last year.

About Sensical

Free to explore, free to learn and free to watch, Sensical (, from Common Sense Networks, is a new streaming service for kids offering thousands of entertaining, age-appropriate videos featuring characters and creators that children love. Inspired by the expertise of Common Sense Media, the ad-supported service features content for three distinct age groups -- ages 2-4 (Preschool), 5-7 (Little Kids) and 8-10 (Big Kids) -- all screened by experts and filtered through a rigorous, proprietary rubric based on the most comprehensive child development research available. Grounded in science, the topic-driven, 50+ channel service is certified by the kidSAFE ® Seal Program and offers families an algorithm-free, worry-free OTT destination via an array of streaming devices, smart TV manufacturers and mobile devices. Follow us at @SensicalTV on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About Common Sense Networks

Common Sense Networks (, a for-profit affiliate of Common Sense Media and a Public Benefit Corporation, is setting a new benchmark in children’s digital media by creating and curating safe, age-appropriate and engaging media experiences for kids and families. Common Sense Networks meets children where they are with a full range of family-facing services and content, including streaming video, podcasts and related initiatives with the goal of supporting kids' social, emotional, and cognitive development. Follow us @commonsensenets on Twitter and Instagram.

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